How Instagram Can Help Small Businesses

How Instagram Can Help Small Businesses

It’s not a surprise that by now you already know the power of Instagram. The platform has a lot of features to offer to small businesses, starting from customer complaints to products that are going viral. The platform helps to level the digital playing field between small and huge businesses. Since the platform has been around for some time, you can now find a lot of information on how this can be used by brands. Small businesses may opt to buy Instagram followers for small business or follow several strategies.

Establish your profile and image

Remember that Instagram is a visual platform. This means that your profile’s look matters a lot. You would want your followers to immediately link your profile to the brand you’re creating. This can be done with the use of various color palettes and fonts. Another thing is a specific type of image that is consistent with your personal brand and messaging.

Use a business not a personal account

A business account will allow you to look into analytics. You can simply connect your account with the Facebook page of your brand, run paid ads, and all these will make it easier for your followers to communicate with you. It is crucial to start a business account if you intend to establish a brand presence. Doing so will also let you strategize and implement Instagram strategies for small businesses.

Purchasing Instagram Followers

Check your competitors’ strategies

If you don’t know how to start. Before you buy Instagram followers for small business, check what other small and medium size businesses are doing on Instagram and seek inspiration from them. Take note of the kind of content they post on the platform, visual language, hashtags, and others. You may also find out the number of followers they have and the number of engagements they get from the posts. This will give you an idea if their Instagram strategies are working or not, allowing you to plan for your own strategies accordingly.

Come up with content pillars

Before you plan the content to post, create content pillars for your account. This means creating themes for the type of content you intend to post. This will serve as a guide when you schedule your content for posting.

Plan the type of content

Once you have already set up your content pillars, you can now decide on the content you’re going to post and have a strategy for doing it.